Owen & Gracie - August 2011

I love our little munchkins! As Gracie turns two months old this weekend, I thought I needed to post a few recent pictures. Time for my own personal photos always seems to come last, but we are definitely enjoying the family time and watching them grow. Gracie is starting to coo some and looking around. She is getting big and loves to eat, just like her parents. She is a good baby. Owen is loving the outdoor time and loves his daddy time. As soon as he walks in the door, Owen is his little shadow. He is starting to talk some (although we know he knows more than he is actually saying-probably just waiting for the right moment and then won't stop). He loves his "eeese" (cheese) and his "bock-bocks" (chickens). He is one smart little guy and has been a little helper around the house (when he wants to). Below are a few of my favorite photos of them . . .
Our little blessing . . . My little stud muffin . . .
I love the flexibility that my photography gives me to be with them. I am so lucky to be able to spend time with them and watch them grow. It is going by so fast, but we are enjoying it. So fun! XXOO, Kristin, Dean, Owen & Gracie.

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