Our Vacation: Duck, North Carolina

We recently had the great opportunity to travel to Duck, North Carolina with my family to have an amazing vacation.  As we are settling back in to being at home, I had to reflect on how blessed I feel.  Blessed for such an amazing life and the ability to spend time with the ones I love.  My mom (Sandy), dad (Bill), sister (Loni), brother-in-law (Todd), sister (Shannon), niece (Ava), Ava's friend (Ellie), nephew (Luke), Dean (my husband), Owen (our son), Gracie (our daughter) and I.  It was an amazing house, surrounded by my family and all the fun that comes with them!  As Owen is 2 & 1/2 and Gracie is 1 year old, Dean and I feel very blessed to be able to watch them grow.  Gracie is getting her confidence to walk with a few steps at a time, learning from Owen and saying new words every day (our new favorite is "I sorry").  Owen is a little sponge and learning new things everyday and learned how to play Hide-and-Seek over vacation.  Shannon, Ava and Ellie were impressed by his good hiding spots and patience as he waited to be found.   They both loved the beach and doing their own thing, but were both a little unsure when the water actually hit them.  We had a blast and can't wait to go back.  I didn't take too many photos, but here are a few highlights from our trip . . .

XXOO, Kristin 

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