Dimitra + Alex = Engaged! | Chicago, IL

Congratulations, Dimitra and Alex, on your engagement!  I do have to say that I am super excited to post Dimitra and Alex's engagement photo slideshow of engagement photos!!  I just love getting to hang out and finally meet them after doing lots of email chats long distance.  They couldn't be any more amazing, as I knew they would be, and it is an honor to photograph them - especially on Dimitra's birthday weekend.  I just love them.  It is also fun getting to photograph them in Chicago, one of my favorite cities away from Indy!  Love it.  What an super cute and fun couple.  I absolutely can't wait for their 2014 wedding! Here is a little more about Dimitra and Alex . . .

  • How or where did you two first meet? We met at IU during the IU/Purdue football game weekend. Alex was in town visiting one of his best friends who was dating Dimitra's best friend. We were introduced to each other that weekend and have been together ever since (and so have the friends that introduced us!).
  • When did you two realize you had found "the one?" Alex: I would say the 2nd time we met, I couldn't stop thinking about Dimitra, I kept wanting to talk to her. She was in school in Bloomington and I was working in Rushville. I had to change my phone plan so I could text her more. Once we started talking all the time, I knew she was the one. Dimitra: Soon after meeting Alex and getting to know him, I fell in love with him and his big heart. He's such a caring and kind person, we built such a strong connection that I couldn't imagine not sharing every moment with him, that's when I knew he was the one.
  • What is one of your favorite "date nights" consist of? Or some of your favorite things to do together? What is your favorite date night restaurant/type of favorite foods or beverages? We love to marathon entire seasons of popular sitcoms. One of our favorite types of date nights consists of ordering dinner (usually Mexican food which we love) and watching seasons of shows, our favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, the Sopranos

  • How did the wedding proposal happen? January 5, 2013 Alex gave Dimitra a scrap book that he had made. The scrapbook was full of pictures and memorabilia (concert tickets, movie tickets...) from our entire relationship. After looking through the entire scrap book together, Dimitra turned the last page and on it was a letter that read "I want to continue to build memories with you. WILL YOU MARRY ME?". Dimitra looked up from the scrap book and Alex was holding the ring out, Dimitra said Yes! :)

  • What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far? Very Busy!!! Dimitra does enjoy getting to do a lot of the planning. Alex doesn't really get involved except for the final say, he says Dimitra has good taste and he knows she will only pick the best, especially the photographer :)
  • (HA!! I love this. You guys are awesome. XXOO, KH)
  • What are you looking forward to on the wedding day? Dimitra: Seeing each other for the first time in the church. Alex: Seeing Dimitra in her dress for the first time (I still haven't seen it), I cant wait!!!!
 Here is just a slideshow to a few photos from their engagement photo session . . .  

To view more of Dimitra and Alex's engagement pictures, click to their below special viewing page:


XXOO, Kristin

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  1. Love this! What a way to share your engagement especially for those of us who love so far away. Rocky, Jen and Family


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