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Congratulations, Elizabeth and John, on your engagement!  I do have to say that I am excited to post their gorgeous engagement photo shoot on the Blog. They are just so sweet and so much fun. From the first time I met Elizabeth with her mom, she was just so beautiful and sweet.  I loved getting to meet John and catch up with Elizabeth at our engagement shoot.  I love that she has loved the "LOVE" statue since she was little and when she got engaged, had always thought this would be where she would do her engagement photos.  What an adorable and super fun couple!!!  I just love this time of year with all of the colors and this adorable couple!  Here is a little more about this super cute couple . . .

  • How or where did you two first meet? We first met when I was babysitting my cousin's kids and John grew up across the street from the house I was babysitting at. I watched him play basketball and tried to flirt with him all summer…but nothing came of it. We reconnected again when I was a freshman in college at IU tailgating at a football game and started hanging out! We took a spring break trip together too with mutual friends, and well... The rest is history!

  • When did you two realize you had found "the one?" I knew I had found the one when I was living in NYC. I had such an amazing time experiencing that, but being without John for 2 months at a time was so difficult. I knew that summer that I could not live without him…and he also felt the same way about me =) we could do weekend trips long distance but not 12 hours away long distance.

  • How did the wedding proposal happen?  The proposal was while we were on a cruise with some of my long distance relatives. We were on an 8 day Western Caribbean cruise and went to St Thomas first. I was obsessed with looking at diamonds there because you can buy them cheap and duty free when coming back into the US since it's a US territory. Also, a couple of my cousins got new diamonds so I was so jealous….I really wanted one too!! Little did I know, John had the ring with him the whole time. We went to Antigua where John actually brought the ring on the beach with us, but after seeing how sketchy it was, he didn't feel comfortable proposing. We were on the other side of the island from the port, and it was by far the most beautiful beach I have ever gone to, but you're not completely safe. We also went to the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas where we relaxed on the beach the entire time…but he didn't propose there either. He held onto the ring until the very last night. Our last day was spent in the Bahamas, so we were on a beach all day hanging out and having a great time. We got back on the ship and had a fabulous last night's dinner and drinks with the family. To jump back a step…every night I would say to John that we needed to go to the upper deck to see the stars….they are beautiful on a cruise because there is no light pollution. Well, we had a ton of overcast weather. Great for the beaches so far south so we didn't fry, but not great for stars…. So, the last night after dinner, John mentions that we should walk on the upper deck back to our room and look at the stars. I, of course, comment that there probably won't be any stars…but we head up to the deck anyways to walk to the back of the ship.  It was a full moon, you could see stars, the ocean was a deep dark blue and all we could hear was the waves of the boat. As we're walking just taking in the scenery, John stops and grabs my hand, drops down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was BEYOND romantic! I was so surprised!! I hoped he would propose on the trip, but I didn't think it was coming by the time the last night rolled around….so I did what any normal surprised girl would do and yelled, "OH MY GOD SHUTUP! ARE YOU SERIOUS???" (I was so overly romantic, I know. he he). But after the initial shock, I hugged him, said yes and told him how much I loved him. This was the only time all week we had been up on the top deck with nobody else around. Probably because it was the last night and everyone else was packing, but it was so intimate, gorgeous, romantic, and any other fantasy word you can think of! Absolutely perfect. He definitely nailed the proposal, I've got to give him that!!

  • How or why did you choose the wedding locations you did? We are getting married at St Mary's Catholic Church downtown. I absolutely love this church and think it is so bright and gorgeous. While checking out venues with my mom and her friend Zora one afternoon, we stumbled upon St. Mary's and when I peeked inside there was a wedding going on…I felt this overwhelming urge that that was THE church I was to get married in. Although we had a change of plans, and even a change of date, I am so happy to be getting married in St Mary's!! We are doing the reception at the Brickyard Golf Course in Speedway. It's absolutely beautiful, they have a great presentation and I grew up 3 blocks from the track. My family has been getting tickets to the Indy 500 since 1967 and it's always a great weekend with everyone hanging out and eating, and of course going to the race! So it's a great location of family memories for me! I also work at the golf course as a bartender so it feels very comfortable to do it there. Plus, it's close to downtown!

  • What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?  I actually LOVE to plan events. I studied marketing (also business and fashion) but worked for a PR company in Manhattan and have done some other marketing/community outreach/event planning things in other jobs also. So for me, planning a wedding is SO FUN!! Most people would think planning a wedding and inviting 400 people is a nightmare, but I am so excited to throw the biggest celebration of our lives and share that with all of the amazing family and friends we have. I haven't made John get involved too much with planning since he did such a great job with the proposal and ring =) but I do make sure to run everything by him though before making it final! I just love planning this celebration of us and am so excited to share this fairytale moment with everyone around us!

  • What are you looking forward to on the wedding day? I am looking forward to seeing John for the first time in my wedding dress! I am also so eager to be married to him! I'm excited to have such a beautiful heartfelt day. I know it will be the happiest day of my life!!! It will be absolutely perfect. I know that John is also eager to be married…it's very cute =)

Here is the slideshow of a few of my favorites from their engagement photo shoot . . .

To view more of their engagement pictures, click to their below special viewing page:


XXOO, Kristin

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