Andrea + BJ = Engaged! | Growen Farms

I absolutely couldn't be happier to post a few photos of Andrea and BJ!  Andrea is my sister-in-law and BJ is my soon-to-be-brother-in-law!  So exciting.  We all couldn't be more thrilled to see you two get married.  We took these at our "Growen Farms," the small farm where Dean, Owen, Gracie and I live (Gracie and Owen's name combined=Growen Farms).  We love when these two and the boys come to visit.  Now they have a farm of their own.  Hee hee.  Love you!  Here are just a few favorites from our photo shoot . . .

We are so excited for you two!  We love you, guys!  XXOO, Kristin, Dean, Owen and Gracie

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