Stephanie + Sam = Married!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner!  Your wedding day was beautiful and so much fun.  Thank you so much, Stephanie and Sam, for allowing me to be a part of your celebration.  Your wedding day was amazing and so many personal moments to make the day completely yours.  So many touching moments from the personal gifts, you two praying together before the ceremony on opposite sides of the door holding hands (one of my favorite moments EVER!), your thoughtfulness into all of the little details, Sam in his army blues, Sam's creating the cake base stump with your initials, your surprises with the bride and bridesmaids special dance, and your glances of love and pure happiness for one another!!  Stephanie, you looked absolutely stunning and Sam looked so handsome in his army dress blues!  Stephanie and Sam, you two definitely have a great love for each other and have have so much love for everyone around you.  Your hearts are amazing and so giving to everyone around you.  Stephanie, from my initial meeting with your mom, Donna, years ago I have just loved her!  She is amazing.  When she asked me to photograph your engagement and wedding photos, I was so honored!  Then I got to meet you and knew how special you are and the love between you both is so amazing+ to witness.  I just love you two and your family!  After all the planning and your hard work, it was so fun to see it all come together.  We are all so happy for you and know that you two will enjoy married life and each other!!   I hope you had an amazing time on your honeymoon in Florida.  

Wedding Ceremony:  St. Jude Catholic Church
Wedding Reception:  Valle Vista
Floral Bouquets:  McNamara Florist
Centerpieces at Reception:  Donna, mother of bride
DJ:  Terry Mautner with DJ's Direct
Videography:  Ben with The Pros
Photo Booth:  Terry Mautner
Cake:  Indy Cakes
Make-up:  The Makeup Studio by Danielle Wilson
Engagement Pictures By Kristin
Photographed by Kristin and Jenny McCreary

Below are a few of my favorite photos from their wedding day and a little more about their love story . . .
Stephanie and Sam met initially in P290 Nature of Inquiry at Indiana University while they were studying at IU in Bloomington.  I love the story on them sitting in the class and how it all happened and led to them starting to date their junior year of college. 
When it came to knowing they had found "the one" they wanted to spend the rest of their lives, Stephanie thinks that honestly Sam knew before she did because she has always been a little leery of jumping into anything too fast! Sam states he knew after a few months and Stephanie thought he was crazy. Hee hee.  But ironically enough not long after they had started dating, Sam found out he was being activated to head over to Afghanistan with the Army.  Many people kept asking Stephanie if she was going to call it off, because of the commitment it took to be with a deployed soldier.  Somehow when she stopped to really think about it, she knew...yes she would most definitely wait for him.  If they made it through something as serious and stressful as war, she knew they could probably get through almost anything. 
When I asked what one of their favorite "date nights" or things do was, I had to laugh.  Stephanie said, "This is a funny question because we are such an odd couple.  One of the things we did on our first date (besides dinner) was go shooting together. :) We were shooting AR's and I had never fired an M4 before (but was familiar with shotguns and pistols) and even though he doesn't like to admit it, I almost out shot him on our date.  Haha.  He states he pretty much fell in love right then and there.  But if we are not "training" we really enjoy nice dinners, movies, hiking with our two German Shepherds, and even the romantic winery visit every so often."  Sam loooovvveeesss his beer, where Stephanie is more of a self-proclaimed wine snob (or if they are out to party cranberry and vodka.  Stephanie had to laugh and said, "Yes, it is girly drink, but mannnnnnn they taste good. They love a place in Bloomington called the Irish Lion which is an Irish pub-like bar but they have everything from basic bar food to filet mignon.  They like going there to relax in the warm cozy atmosphere and they have some pretty good drink specials. And of course, the occasional sushi date is welcome too!
Regarding the proposal, Sam had come home from Afghanistan and after asking Stephanie's Dad for permission (which she still absolutely loves about him), they took a trip out to Napa Valley, CA. Sam planned the whole thing (much to Stephanie's OCD frustration, according to her lol) and they stayed at a breath-taking bed and breakfast called the Harvest Inn in S.t Helena.  After a day of wine tastings and sight seeing at some of the most beautiful places, they grabbed a bite to eat and went back to their private lodge.  While they were eating their meal on the veranda, Sam got down on one knee and proposed to Stephanie.  At first, she was shocked, but then, of course, she replied with a happy (but tearful) YES!!!!  Stephanie added, "It was perfect and romantic and personal and I won't ever forget it."
Shortly after the proposal, they started planning their wedding day.  When deciding on their locations, Stephanie said, "My family is MASSIVE!!! Like huge...and they are all primarily located in the Indy area so it was kind of an obvious answer for us.  Also we are getting married at the church I grew up in so I knew I wanted it to be in Indianapolis."  Regarding the wedding planning, she had to say, "Ummm this process has been an eye opener that is for sure!!! And an expensive eye opener at that!! However I have loved working with my Mom and going over little personal details that I think make this wedding "ours". It is not just my day...it is for Samuel and I both so I wanted to incorporate as much of "us" as possible into the wedding from the military uniforms to the fall/nature theme for the reception. I also like having my best friend along for the ride and she has been a huge help along with the support and love of all of the other special people in our lives. From my cousin Kate and Aunt Ann who threw the Bridal shower, to our family friends Sue and Tony that have helped in a lot of ways, to my best friends in the whole world who will share my special day with me, to my parents who have been my everything and will continue to be the people I look up too most in life, and to of course my love Samuel whom I get to spend the rest of my life with. It all has been a whirlwind but it has been an experience that many do not get, so I am thankful.  I am looking forward to marrying my best friend, Samuel, and starting this new and exciting chapter in our lives as husband and wife.  I am also looking forward to creating memories and checking out all of the awesome pictures we will get to share with friends and family of our special day."  What a gorgeous and amazing couple!  Here are just a few of my favorites from their super special day . . . 
 I love that Sam made this custom stump for their cake base!! So cute.
I love this "Something new, something borrowed, something blue" surprise that Stephanie had embroidered into her wedding dress!!  She had the blue thread with their wedding date, names and "borrowed" Sam's army ID tag from when he was in Afghanistan in the lining of her wedding dress.  LOVE!  
Stephanie had her sister-in-law make these amazing embroidered handkerchiefs with a personal note for her mom and dad.  They loved them.
 This was the first moment that Kenny, Stephanie's dad, saw Stephanie that day after getting dressed.  What an emotional moment.
 Stephanie had a special note and gift for Sam!  So fun.
 And then it was time for their ceremony!!
 Headed to the reception . . .
 Stephanie surprised all the guests and especially Sam with a dance with all her bridesmaids!  So fun and definitely was a surprise.
 The Photo Booth by Terry was a crowd pleaser!
 I just love these two!!  What fun.
Sam wanted to make sure I got into a picture!!  :)  
Yummy specialty drinks . . . 
Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner!!! Thank you again for letting me be a part of your engagement and wedding day photos! I had a blast and couldn't be happier for you. If you would like to view Stephanie and Sam's wedding pictures, click on this link:


I hope you had so much fun on your honeymoon in Florida!  We can't wait to see all that you two accomplish as husband and wife.  Congratulations and enjoy!  XXOO, Kristin

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