Caitlin + David = Engaged! | Indianapolis, IN

Caitlin and David, you two are so much fun!  As Caitlin and David live in Chicago, I do have to say that it was such fun finally getting to meet them in person!  Caitlin, your mom is so amazing and I knew from our first talks and meeting with her that I would love you guys so much too!  I was looking forward to meeting you guys in person and you definitely didn't disappointment me!!  They couldn't be sweeter and have so much fun together.  I love Caitlin's super bright colored shoes.  What a gorgeous and super fun couple.  I had a blast taking your engagement photos and loved getting to learn more about you and your big day.  I just love you two!!!  It is an absolute honor getting to photograph your engagement photos and wedding day.  It has been fun getting to know you both and more about your wedding day.  You are an amazing couple, Caitlin and David, and I can't wait for your gorgeous and super fun wedding day!  Here are a few of my favorites from our photo shoot and a little more about your love story . . .
Caitlin and David joke about their knowing each other for so long.  Caitlin shared, “Well, it is hard to say when we first ‘met.’  Ha!  David and I have known each other as long as I can remember! We grew up going to the same school, had the same 4th grade teacher and actually ‘dated,’ ‘went out’ whatever you would like to call it for a short stint in 8th grade ha, ha. We started officially dating just after I got my license (Feb of our sophomore year in High School) and have basically been together most of the time since. We dated long distance in college (he was at Purdue and I was at Miami of Ohio) and now both live and work in Chicago.”  When it came to knowing and realizing that they had found “the one,” Caitlin and David have both known for a long time.  “Clearly.  Ha, ha,” Caitlin giggled.  “You know those people that date in High School and somehow "just know," yeah that is us.”  :) 
For some of their favorite “date nights,” David and Caitlin are both really active and she added, “Oddly enough enjoy working out together. Guess you could say both of us have always been fitness junkies. For a while I was even into training for marathons and conned David into running two with me.  We also like going out to eat together. David is definitely a man-of-habit though and wants to go to the same three restaurants every single time. I, of course, always want to try something new.  Deciding where to go is always the tough part because Chicago has SO many good places to eat.
David proposed at the top of the mountain when they were out skiing in Park City for a long weekend this February.  Caitlin described, “He was good enough to take the advice of my girlfriends and had a resort photographer hiding, snapping pictures in the background. I have some great pictures with a beautiful view! I was however wearing ski pants, goggles, the whole ensemble and he proposed with a ‘fake’ ring. The real ring was not done in time...for everyone that knows me, no one should be shocked. My life typically does not go as planned, and I would be the one to get engaged in the worst outfit ever, with a fake ring :)  I did, however, love every last minute of the whole experience and would not change a thing!
Shortly after, they started planning their wedding day.  They both currently live in Chicago, but both grew up just outside Indianapolis. For this reason, Indy definitely is "home" to both of them and is where their parents still live.  “While David would prefer to be married barefoot on a beach, Indy is definitely the next best thing,” Caitlin shared.  “It will ALWAYS be home to us no matter where we live!”  When I asked, “What has been your favorite part of the wedding planning process so far?” I had to laugh at Caitlin’s cute and super honest response, “Hmmm…not too much of it! Good thing my mom is fabulous at it :) Too many details for my scatter brain to handle...”
When it comes to their wedding day and what they were most looking forward to, “Well, I obviously can't wait to marry David first and foremost!  But if we are being honest, I really can't wait to wear my wedding dress. Not sure what David would say here . . . probably something about the party afterwards!”
So fun!!! What an amazing couple. Thanks again, Caitlin and David! If you would like to see more of their engagement pictures, please click on the below link to my Website: 


I can't wait for your gorgeous wedding day!!  Congratulations and enjoy your engagement!  XXOO, Kristin

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